Braxton O'Neal

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Braxton has been in the Atlanta music since for over 20 years. He currently fronts the Weezer tribute band El Scorcho and his cover band Braxton & The Renditions, but he also spends time writing and recording his own original material.

Braxton broke in to the Atlanta music scene in 1994 and eventually formed the post-modern rock band HAL9000.  Before disbanding in 2001, the band released 1 full-length and 2 EPs and performed at Athfest in 2000.

Braxton went on to form the classic hard rock-influenced band Notch, which released 1 EP in 2002.  Braxton has performed with local acts Captains of Industry, The Bibles, and The Blacklight Posterboys, and performed at Music Midtown, Panoply, and other large music festivals.